Skylab II Women’s Patch 45th Anniversary Edition




Humor, keeping it light and fun is a hallmark of the astronaut community. And the Skylab II Astronaut wives, Sue Bean, Helen-Mary Garriott, and Gratia Lousma cooked up a surprise for their husbands’ arrival at the space station. With the approval from the Head of the Astronaut Office, Deke Slayton, the Skylab II Women’s Patch, a play on the official mission patch, was secretly placed on board the space station prior to liftoff. When Astronaut’s Bean, Garriott and Lousma opened their lockers they found the women’s patch stickers. “After 59 days in space that woman’s patch was looking pretty good,” Jack Lousma said when the crew returned to earth.

  • The back of each patch is signed by Skylab II astronaut wife, Sue Bean.
  • Specification: Circle, 4 inches diameter
  • Journalist Jacques Tiziou and Artist Ardis Shanks designed the Original Skylab II Women’s Patch.